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Strength training for women in Atlanta

Here’s a secret that may shock you: three hours of cardio burns less fat than twenty minutes of weight lifting. In our experience, the biggest mistake women make when starting a new fitness program is focusing on cardio while ignoring muscle building completely.

Cardio burns at a faster rate than fat, but the burning stops as soon as the exercise does. On the other hand, lifting weights forces the muscles to repair themselves – this process takes between 12-24 hours. All during the repairing process, you consume energy at a higher rate. In addition, having more muscle mass consumes more energy, meaning that your metabolism burns at a higher rate over the log term as well.

Breaking the stigma of weight training for women

Most women avoid strength training because they fear it will make them gain weight. In fact, a professional strength training program will help you lose wight while building muscle. Ultimately you can expect more defined curves, tighter skin and a vibrant sheen that shows the world your power.

If you are hesitant to begin a weight training program in Atlanta, let’s shatter three myths:

  1. Weight training will make you bulky: the science is simple: lifting weights combined with a caloric deficit will burn fat. Lifting weights with too many calories will build excess muscle. At a deficit, even though your muscles won’t get larger, they will become stronger and denser. As you lose wight and the skin tightens, a beautiful toned body will emerge.
  2. You can’t spot-reduce fat: ever see someone come into the gym to do only crunches? It’s a fail! Crunches won’t reduce belly fat and can place great strain on your lower back. As for side-bends, they will strengthen your side muscles, making your waist bigger. Generally, you can expect to lose wight is this order: arms, legs, belly, chest butt.
  3. Cardio is essential: strength training produces more efficient weight loss effect because muscles get broken down and rebuilt (usually over 24 hours or so). While rebuilding, your body burns more calories – even while sitting on the couch after a workout.