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Atlanta pilates with yoga balls

Benefits of Pilates for women in Atlanta

A pilates workout is a solid low-impact way to strengthen your core – if you are rehabbing from an injury, pilates is a wonderful option. Unlike yoga, Pilates requires more concentration and precision. One move can mean stretching one muscle while strengthening another and doing it wrong will not have the desired results.

Classes usually start out slow and then build up to fast-paced and extremely tough as you gain strength, flexibility, and experience. Just when you master one move, you must learn another version that will be different and harder.

In Atlanta, pilates classes tend to vary between traditional yoga and full-on cardio, with many options fitting in somewhere in the middle.

For example, Intown Pilates (500 Amsterdam Ave, NE, Suite L5 Atlanta, GA 30306) is fully dedicated Pilates studio, offering mat, tower and private sessions. That they take their passion seriously over there – an introductory private lesson is mandatory to make sure you’ve mastered the basics. If you’re looking for something less intense, our friends at Pure Barre Chastain (4920 Roswell Rd NE suite 10a, Atlanta, GA 30342) blend pilates with strength training, yoga and ballet barre for a more rounded, holistic approach.

What to expect from Pilates classes in Atlanta

No matter which gym you choose, these are the standards we suggest you stick to when assessing a prospective place to practice Pilates:

  • Focus on the core: classes should mainly focus on the core, although some work can be applied towards strengthening your arms and legs.
  • Low impact: engaging your muscles should be done in gentle and easy ways, resulting in increased core strength but with a lower chance of injury.
  • Medium-level intensity: Pilates is demanding, but should not often work up a sweat, since more focus is placed on breathing and concentration.
  • Flexibility: over a few weeks you should notice increased flexibility and joint mobility. You may also notice better blood flow, which shows as a healthy sheen to your skin.
  • Cost-Efficient: private or group session? Mat or Reformer? No matter what kind of classes to enrol in, expect very reasonable rates at most Atlanta studios. The reason is because you don’t need a lot of equipment or weights, since you will rely on your body weight.