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Buckhead Pure Barre fitness

Ballet Barre: an amazing workout designed for women

Barre fitness is not your ordinary workout. It’s a full lifestyle that you will share with a community of empowered women. You get to exchange your ideals and thoughts about your fitness goals as well as your lifestyle techniques through the classes and online workouts.

Unlike other workouts, Ballet Barre classes usually have the same level for all its classes. That means that you can make it to any scheduled class without worrying if the level is adequate. Every technique is meant for all, regardless of your fitness level.

What Is a Ballet Barre workout?

This is a workout that uses the isometric movements of ballet barre, which works perfectly for fat burning, muscle sculpting, and shaping a leaner body structure. Its routine is composed of a little bit of dancing and exercising through group fitness.

Pure Barre made its debut in 2001 after Carrie Rezabek Dorr opened her first studio in Birmingham, MI. With her background as a choreography, dance, and fitness guru, she created a total body hybrid fitness workout that combined dance and group fitness. Initially, she had no clients signing up or working staff to assist her. But due to the impressive results of the ballet barre inspired routine, the workout regimen made an impression.

Benefits of Barre Fitness

  • Targeted toning: the muscles that gain the most benefits of barre workout are those that many women have difficulty toning. The workout hits the hips, arms, abs, glutes, and thighs, shaping and strengthening them. It uses a low-impact technique that follows the concept of stretching after strengthening the muscles. This helps muscles stay lean instead of bulking up.
  • Strength and definition: through small focused movements, you can strengthen and define your muscles in a low-impact and safe manner. Ballet Barre offers exercises that will work your thighs, arms, back, abs, and butt from all angles.
  • Endurance: given the fast-paced busy lives that women in Atlanta lead, having enough energy and strength to get through the day is vital. How is endurance achieved? Through isometric contractions that contract or tighten muscles without affecting its length. The slow-twitch muscle fibers involved are directly responsible for improving endurance and increasing stamina.
  • Mental health: on top of the physical effect of barre fitness, it also nourishes your mental well-being. While in class, you get to clear your head, block out negative energy, and imitate the same effect of meditation on your body. A teacher will provide step-by-step instructions to ensure proper body positioning and a focused mind.

Spotlight: Pure Barre Chastain

Pure Barre Atlanta managers

Pure Barre Chastain’s owners

This location of the famous Pure Barre franchise is located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. Pure Barre Chastain is operated by the Shoemakers – Vonda, Olivia and Rebecca. Their location is unique because of its expanded offerings. Instead of focusing only on Pure Barre, they also offer specialty classes in yoga, pilates, and strength training. If you’re looking for ballet barre classes in the area but are also keen on a holistic approach to your fitness, this is a great facility to keep in mind.